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Consumer Reports Best Lighted Makeup Mirror

Consumer Reports Best Lighted Makeup Mirror by Everyday Beauty Hacks

Consumer Reports Best Lighted Makeup Mirror is an article yet to be published by the magnificent writers on their official website!  In the meantime, we’ll be the consumers reporting some of the best vanity mirrors you wish were in your room right now!

consumer reports best lighted makeup mirror

Check out these latest selections of makeup vanity mirror with lights ranging from affordable to luxurious!

Compact Vanity Mirror with Lights

Looking for a mobile lighted makeup mirror to take with you anywhere around the world?  Handheld vanity mirrors are simply the best for travel and these come with lights!

Round Compact Vanity Mirrors

The Fancii LED Lighted Travel Makeup Mirror is a must have for anyone and everyone’s modern purse and bag!  The two sided 1x and 10x mirrors is perfect for applying makeup on-the-go.  You can also expect the LED to last up to 20,000 hours of simulated natural sunlight!  View now!


The Floxite Circle Lite Vanity and Travel 10x Magnifying Mirror is durable for outdoor travel and perfect for applying up close and precise makeup!  The protective cover allows you to quickly convert it into a standing mirror for hands-free makeup!  View now!

The Hexagonal Mini Vanity mirror captures all of your fine sharp angles! Expect fluttering eyes being attracted to this compact vanity mirror with natural lighting.  A unique gift to brighten any personal shape!  View now!


Rectangular Compact Vanity Mirrors

The HotLife Rechargeable Makeup Mirror with Bright Lights is the perfect shape for pockets!  The Smart Touch Control allows you to easily and quickly change the intensity of the LED for desired lighting.  The 2x magnification cover also has a 300 degree folding angle!  View now!

The Fancii Compact Makeup Mirror with Natural LED Lights shows off it’s rectangle shape with soft curved corners.  It’s bright LEDs are true to natural light and the rechargeable batteries are even eco-friendly!  Slim and chic, expect all of your friends trying to borrow this for themselves!  View now!

The GLAMCOR Riki Skinny Vanity Makeup Mirror with Selfie Function are for the beauties who love big things coming in small packages!  This high performance vanity mirror with lights combines applying makeup and live streaming to your fans!  A must for rising makeup vloggers!  View now!

Touch Screen Vanity Mirror with Lights

It’s the future!  Or should we say it’s modern and chic?  Touch screen vanity mirrors are the current growing trend and you’ll noticed most of the lighted makeup mirrors in this article are touch screen!

Circular Touch Screen Vanity Mirrors

The LVSOMT Vanity Makeup Mirror with Lights is simple, sweet, a mirror for everyday beauty hacks!  The touch screen feature gives you three LED settings, white, natural and warm to fit your perfect makeup mood.  The mirror itself can swivel 360 degrees as an added bonus!  View now!

The OMLTER Desktop Makeup Mirror with Led Light gives you a larger, high definition view!  Its Smart Touch Control has a built-in memory function to keep your exact makeup preferences ready for any event!  View now!


The WANGXIAOLINjingzi Makeup Mirror is the epitome of luxury when it comes to touch screen lighted makeup mirrors!  Made from anti-rust and corrosion materials, you can mount this mirror anywhere to portray a perfect circle beauty halo!  View now!

Rectangular Touch Screen Vanity Mirrors

The Hansong Vanity Makeup Mirror comes most recommended for its reliability!  Keep the mirror and your phone charged with the built in USB ports.  Use the touch screen to adjust the three-tone lights!  View now!

This Dimmable Lighted Vanity Mirror is all about that professional Hollywood style!  The sleek glossy black frame centers all the focus on you for the perfect makeup detail.  The touch screen has three dimmer settings with memory control!  View now!

Now the Large LED Bathroom Mirror is luxury at its finest!  Choose the many different sizes to fit and match any vanity room!  The futuristic touch screen design gives you dimming control with an auto-defogging feature!  View now!

Standing Vanity Mirror with Lights

Need a thinner shaped mirror to fit your cute dorm or walk-in vanity closet?  You can have a set of standing vanity mirrors side-by-side for a unique makeup and cosmetic set!

Oval Standing Vanity Mirrors

The LUXFURNI Hollywood Lighted Vanity Vintage Makeup Mirror is cute and modern with a design everybody simply loves.  Has built-in touch screen features to let you change the lighting in 3 settings and you can keep your phone charged with the USB port!  View now!

The DermAllura Crystal Vanity Mirror is perfect for a Princess’ salon!  The eye catching frame lights up the crystals perfectly to create a splendid ambience lighting.  You’re going to have heads turning when they see you applying makeup like royalty.  View now!


The Dyconn Faucet Volta is fit for a Queen!  If you thought the DermAllura was spectacular, place your pearls upon this incredibly beautiful oval vanity mirror replicating a diamond crystal frame!  View now!

Rectangular Standing Vanity Mirrors

The Hansong Large Hollywood Makeup Vanity Mirror is the classic, slim design everyone should own!  The Smart Touch controls allow for quick, three-color light adjustment.  No assembly required either!  View now!

The SHOWTIMEZ Vanity Mirror with Lights is simply beautiful, it’s just missing your lovely face!  Comes with a 3 light setting touch screen display, usb port for charging, and you can mount it on the wall!  View now!

The Impressions Hollywood Glow XL 2.0 Vanity Mirror is bold and beautiful!  Expect only the perfect lighting from the 12 dimmer clear Hollywood style LED lights!  View now!


Trifold Vanity Mirror with Lights

Trifold vanity mirrors are most convenient when you are traveling around the world and absolutely need the large mirror space for the best makeup angles!

The LUXFURNI Vanity Lighted Tri-fold Makeup Mirror immediately grabs your attention with the curvy arched middle mirror!  Once unfolded the touch controls lets you adjust 10 dimmable LED lights to your perfect setting.  A wonderful affordable gift!  View now!


This LED Tri-Fold Illuminated Vanity Mirror brings you just what you need for the perfect application!  Three panels along with the illuminated center gives you a clear picture for precise detail!  View now!

The IMPRESSIONS Hollywood Glow Pro Vanity Mirror brings Hollywood directly into your room!  Go bright and beautiful with LED bulbs gracing the entire frame!  View now!

Vanity Mirror with Lights Table Set

Want the lighted makeup mirror AND a table to put it on?  Look no further!  Perfect gift for a loved one moving in to their new home or apartment!

The VASAGLE Vanity Table Set is cute and petite, gives you everything you need in a neat little package!  Keep all of your accessories organized.  Instantly spice up your new room with this inexpensive set!  View now!

Grab the Tribesigns Vanity Table Set if you absolutely love Hollywood style vanity mirrors!  The slim design is perfect for tight beauty corners.  Beautify it with all the extra shelf space!  View now!

The ENSTVER Vanity Set is for the majestic makeup lover who needs that tri-fold mirror style!  With an amazing 8 drawers and 10 LED lights, expect to keep this vanity treasure forever!  View now!


Unique Vanity Mirrors with Lights

For the makeup beauties that love that extra style and shape for their vanity mirrors!

This Car Vanity Mirror are for the on-the-go, mobile make up artists!  Stay safe, use only on the passenger seat!  View now!

The Impressions Hello Kitty LED Makeup Mirror has all the modern features like the other mirrors in this article except of course for the added extra cuteness!  View now!

Now the Cavoli Wall Mounted Makeup Mirror are for the very fancy beautistas.  Lux up your bathroom or give your beauty salon even more eye-catching brilliance!  View now!


"Consumer Reports Best Lighted Makeup Mirror" by Everyday Beauty Hacks

Did you like our version of “Consumer Reports Best Lighted Makeup Mirror”?  Of course, the beautiful writers at Consumer Report may use any of the information in this article to help spicen up their official article once it’s published!  Here is our top pick for Best Lighted Makeup Mirror!


We hope you found your favorite vanity mirror!  As we get more beautiful so do our mirrors!  Keep an eye out for our latest beauty product reviews to make sure you stay updated on the next trending makeup vanity mirrors on the market!

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DIY Whipped Shea Butter And Coconut Oil Recipe For Skin And Hair | Easy Homemade Shaving Cream And Lotion Hack!

DIY Whipped Shea Butter And Coconut Oil Recipe For Skin And Hair | Quick Homemade Shaving Cream And Lotion Hack!

Follow this easy DIY whipped Shea butter and coconut oil recipe if you want vibrant, beautiful skin after a smooth, flawless shave using affordable ingredients!

You can also use this cream as a lotion!

There are many wonderful Whipped Shea Butter Creams available online, but with three essential ingredients, you can make your very own luxury shaving cream that can be just as good or maybe even better!

Using only 3 luxury beauty ingredients, you can create an inexpensive shaving cream that provides a clean shave with the benefit of vibrant and healthy skin along with your favorite scent! 

Homemade Shaving Cream Recipe:


This recipe will make 1 Cup (8 oz.) of Shea Butter cream!


1/2 cup Shea Butter

1/2 cup Coconut Oil

1/2 teaspoon Essential fragrance

This recipe is very flexible when it comes to the amount of Shea butter shaving cream you want to make.  You may wish to use a bit more Shea butter if you use another substitute for Coconut oil.


Shea butter and Coconut oil can solidify during storage so you may need to warm up the mixture for easier handling before using your electric hand mixer to begin the whipping process.

Here is a popular way to warm up your Shea butter for easy mixing.  Have a large bowl of very warm water ready.  Next, in a smaller bowl with the Shea butter, place this on top of the water to help quickly melt the Shea butter and make mixing the recipe easier!

whipped shea butter recipe for skin mix

Now is when you MIX the three ingredients together.

Once the ingredients have a lovely creamy texture from manually mixing it, begin using the electric hand mixer on medium settings to start turning it into a wonderful whipped shaving cream texture.

The longer you mix it, the fluffier it will get!


Once your whip cream is ready, you can set it in a glass jar or any cute container. To keep it nice and fluffy, preserve it at room temperature and away from heat.  Keeping it in the fridge allows it to last for a long time!

shea butter cream storage


Use your luxury Shea butter cream anywhere on your skin!  The ingredients are ALL NATURAL!

whipped shea butter cream lotion

You will have to mix the Shea butter recipe before applying if you have stored it for over a month.  Properly mixing the cream for a long time while preparing the ingredients can keep the cream fluffy and mixed for weeks!


Shea butter has been used for hundreds of years as a natural hair moisturizer!  You can use this DIY Shae cream for your hair as well! 

shea butter lotion for hair

If you want to make a separate jar of Shea butter cream just for your hair, make sure to add a little more Shea butter when mixing the ingredients together.


  • Experiment with the amount of Shea butter and coconut oil!

  • Also change up the mixing speed! Extra fluffiness is better for shaving while creamier is better for lotion!

  • Following this shave cream DIY recipe correctly will help get you that smooth shave, but remember it’s a lotion too!

  • As long as you are not allergic to any ingredients, you can place it anywhere on your hair and skin.

  • You may even notice your hair and skin naturally glowing more with each passing day.

  • All of the ingredients are natural so you know it’s free from any sort of artificial chemicals.

  • Try different kinds of essential oil fragrances for many sweet Shea scents!

shea butter and coconut oil shaving cream


  • Always know if you are allergic to any ingredients!

  • If you do experience any side effects, talk to a qualified medical professional.

  • Make sure to choose ingredients from a reliable store.

  • Make sure that the butter, oil, and fragrance you buy is not out of date.

  • Soft Shea butter is a good sign of freshness.

  • Make sure that you combine the ingredients well and whip them for a long duration to get that perfect fluffy effect.

  • Always check to see if the cream still has a lovely aroma before applying it on.

  • Make sure it’s preserved well in room temperature or colder.

Homemade Shaving Cream Recipe - Quick DIY Beauty Hack!

So remember, this whipped shea butter recipe for your skin can be used as a lotion or shaving cream and it’s safe for your hair!  Make sure to mix the ingredients thoroughly to get that perfect fluffy whipped consistency!

There are many fancy Shea Butter Creams out there, but now you know, with a few inexpensive and even organic products, you can make your very own exclusive cream for the perfect shave!

shea butter cream for skin whipped jar

This homemade Shae butter shaving cream recipe only needs three ingredients! We hope you enjoyed this everyday beauty hack! Thank you for reading and follow us on Pinterest!

How To Use A Curling Iron On Very Short Hair

How To Use A Curling Iron On Very Short Hair

We know about the luxury beauty products called curling irons.  But some of us might not realize a curling iron can also be used to curl short hair, too!

how to use a curling iron on very short hair

Curly short hair is always a hot style.  With so many celebrities shifting to cutting down their long, lavish hair to shoulder-length and shorter, it has become a full fashion craze! 

If you are one of the many beautiful people who are interested in cutting their hair and want that curly style, wait no more!

curly short hair

Make sure you’re in the right mood and follow the steps correctly or you might end up burning your hair!  These beauty products can get really hot!  Here is a short and precise method on how to use a curling iron on very short hair.

Quick & Easy Steps To Curl Very Short Hair


1.  Wash your hair, but make sure to avoid using hair conditioner.  It can make your hair too soft and slippery which may shorten how long the curls stay in place.

2.  Make sure your hair is completely dry!  Wet hair will affect the temperature of the curling iron and may damage your hair.

3.  Always use a heat protectant spray for your hair before curling.  A heat protectant spray protects your hair from high temperatures and can even repair and revitalize your hair with its essential oil ingredients.

4. Check your curling iron wand/barrel size.  The smaller barrel sizes are easier to use on shorter hair!  Of course, always go for the size that suits your style!


Step 1.
Turn on your curling iron, setting it to your desired temperature and let it heat up.  A quick rule of thumb is lower heat for finer hair and higher heat for thicker hair.

Step 2.
Pin different parts of your hair together to make it easier to see what to curl next and avoid what you don’t want curling.

Step 3.
Place the ends of your hair between the clamp and wand making sure it is secured before rolling the curling iron up towards your head.

Step 4.
Keep it in place for about 7 seconds before releasing that section of your now beautifully curled hair!

Step 5.
After completing each section of your hair and it’s cool to the touch, run your fingers through them to add volume!

curly short hair with volume

After achieving your desired curly looks, it’s always recommended to add smoothing serum on the ends of your curls.  Hair serum can help prevent frizz, tangles and can even give your hair a lovely shine.

Curling Iron

A Curling Iron is one of the many popular modern ways to curl your hair.  It’s also commonly called a hair iron or curling tongs.

The basic feature of a curling iron is to apply an amount of heat to sections of your hair that are gently wrapped around the wand and the clamp (also called the flipper & barrel), to safely mend your hair into beautiful curls that can last all day!

rolling curling iron

Curling irons are are made for all lengths of hair, but if you have very short hair you want to curl, the thinner curling irons work best!

Now You Know How To Use A Curling Iron On Very Short Hair

Now you now how to use a curling iron on very short hair!  The trick is using smaller barrel sizes.  So don’t be afraid to try out that new short-hair look you’ve been dreaming of!

Check out these All-in-One curling irons for all of your curly styles!

We hope you found these steps easy to follow and useful!  Thanks for reading and make sure to follow us on Pinterest!